During the safari in November 2022, our first stop was at the Westlands Primary School, where Moses, the founder of Harmony Kenya had arranged a music workshop for the little students and our Safari buddies.

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After donating the Ukuleles, we realised that the music teachers needed some guidance, in some areas of Kenya music teachers cannot play any instruments.

After a long research and many phone calls and disappointing answers, I’ve finally got Teacher Maina, a brilliant music teacher based in Nairobi.

But who is Teacher Maina?

Maina is a dedicated music enthusiast from Nairobi, Kenya. With a passion for music that knows no bounds, he has been a skilled instructor in Guitar, Bass, and Ukulele since 2012. Not only does he impart his musical wisdom, but he also manages one of Kenya’s most prominent instrument rental firms, providing top-notch instruments at affordable rates to both individuals and educational institutions.

He played bass guitar professionally for several years before retiring in 2019 to focus on teaching and running his business.
Around the years 2015 or 2016, the ukulele began to carve a niche for itself within Nairobi’s musical landscape, primarily due to its introduction into the curricula of various primary schools
Teacher Maina was instrumental in arranging and compiling the necessary repertoire for this endeavour. He also presented Kenya’s first successful candidates for the London College of Music and Rockschool UK Ukulele examinations.
Thanks to the profit generated by the sales of the Tembo Ukulele, last month we were able to start the lessons with the teachers and the children of the Westlands Primary school and so far we are very pleased with the results.
If you happen to be navigating Nairobi’s bustling streets, keep an eye out for Teacher Maina effortlessly zipping through traffic on his scooter, a ukulele proudly slung across his back. A cheerful greeting the next time you cross paths would surely brighten his day!


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