The Kenya Ukulele Project has been on a mission to spread the joy of music across Kenya by donating ukuleles and providing lessons to schools.

In 2022, during our first Ukulele Safari, we donated Ukuleles in 3 different locations: Nairobi, Maasai Mara and Tsavo.

In Nairobi’s Westlands Primary School, the children and the local teachers were fortunate to receive ukulele lessons from teacher Maina, a talented Kenyan teacher we have engaged thanks to the sales of the Tembo Ukulele.

The girls at Olmalaika Home were equally blessed when volunteers joined them teaching how to strum their first chords on the ukulele.

However, reaching remote areas like the schools in the Tsavo region proved challenging, making it difficult to find qualified music teachers.

But we never give up! With the help of Community and Wildlife Conservation and Lions Bluff Lodge, every Friday afternoon,Ā  several teachers from Mwashoti School and Latika Primary School gather at my workplace, Lions Bluff Lodge, for a ukulele lesson. The commitment from both sides is palpable and I know this experience will make a lasting difference in our lives šŸ™‚

There’s something inexplicable about sharing music that transcends words. The joy it brings is profound, and these teachers will now pass on their knowledge to their students.

As I reflect on my musical journey and ukulele dreams, IĀ  realize the need for more ukuleles to donate, to reach even more schools and communities.