On our third day together, when almost all the participants reached safely Nairobi, we went to Westland Primary school to donate the ukuleles that we had purchased thanks to the concert fundraiser we did a few months ago.

The proof, again, of how fantastic and united the ukulele community can be.

A special thank goes to James Hill, John Atkins the ukulele teacher, Sammy Turton 4stringboy, Bernadette Plazola Plazi, Boris and Marlene Ukulelekidsclub.

We had 30 ukuleles purchased from a local supplier (we are trying to support Kenyan Businesses as much as possible), tuners and booklets donated by Kala and Plazi.

After parking the vehicles, we walked toward the area where the kids were waiting for us. Simply amazing. A group of kids holding their handmade instruments I cannot even pronounce, welcoming us with songs and dances.

The creativity and talent of these children were heartwarming.

The first challenge was the TUNING. We purchased a total of 60 ukuleles and we did not get the chance of tuning them before. BIG MISTAKE!

We spent so much time trying to tune them that it was no fun at all.

Eventually, somehow we managed and started the distribution. This little 4 stringed instrument of joy brought many smiles and a lot of curiosity.

Many of us were showing the kids how to tune the instrument, then Boris worked out his magic. Teaching rhythms and few notes.

The school’s guitar teachers will teach them Ukulele as well, with our digital help of course. After the Christmas holidays, we will regularly check on them and their progress.

It is not easy to describe with words, the joy of the kids and ours in spending time with them, doing what we most love, playing music together.

After a few hours of tuning playing and chilling, we moved to our next destination, Geco Cafรจ, “the place” to have lunch if you love music and a different atmosphere. Meat is the tastier you can ever find and cooked to perfection.

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