Some time ago, I came across an Instagram post from the London Ukulele Project, which caught my attention. The post aimed to raise awareness and funds for their music-based projects that combat loneliness. As part of their fundraising efforts, they were selling an online ukulele songbook, which I was delighted to support by purchasing one.

The songbook is expertly crafted and highly motivating, just like everything else they produce. Since the inception of the London Ukulele Project, the initiative has expanded throughout the UK. Fortunately, I had the opportunity to meet Tara, the visionary behind the project, and Justine, who manages the South East Ukulele Project.

Their passion and commitment to providing music access to everyone, to enhance self-assurance, alleviate loneliness, and promote overall well-being is remarkable.

The numerous benefits of playing music are well-documented (Music and wellbeing...) and their efforts are genuinely inspiring.

Check on their website and their Instagram accounts and you too will feel inspired!!

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