It was September 2019, I was bored at home, surfing youtube.

You surely know how addictive are youtube videos and from a tutorial on “how to fix a roof” I ended up on Elise Ecklund youtube channel.

She was playing this “little guitar” with 4 strings, singing an original song about bad comments she received on youtube. It was love at first sight.

I’ve looked for more videos and more videos and the decision was taken. I NEEDED AN UKULELE.

Nairobi it’s a big city, but shopping wise, not everything is available. As a good shopaholic, I used all my abilities and creativity to find a ukulele in Nairobi.

I’ve found a telephone number, of a guy called Patrick, he was selling ukuleles. Without knowing anything about size, action, wood…and without even seeing it, I bought one and Patrick, delivered it at my workplace the same day.

OMG what a cute little guitar I got. And it’s small enough for my tiny fingers to arrive everywhere! (or so I thought)

At home, I’ve found a channel with play along and started to play “I’m yours”. I was hooked. I thought, regardless my age, I can still be a superstar, even if only in my sitting room and with a small audience of cats and dogs…

to be continued