The Kenya Ukulele Project is a remarkable initiative that takes inspiration from the London Ukulele Project. Its main objective is to offer music education and ukuleles to underprivileged children in Kenyan schools. The project funds its mission by selling the “Tembo Ukulele”, running an online shop and organising Ukulele events and retreats.

Through its efforts, the project was able to donate 70 ukuleles to Kenyan schools last year, which made a positive impact on the lives of many children.

This year, the project seeks to broaden its scope by recruiting music teachers to join its volunteer program (work in progress) and teach Kenyan teachers. This will enable more children to benefit from music education and the numerous advantages it provides.

On our upcoming safari, we will have the opportunity to visit and engage with the kids who benefited from our previous safari’s donations.
As part of our commitment, we will donate one ukulele to one of the schools we
are supporting for every participant who joins us.

Stay tuned for more info and news!

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