In November, the rainy season begins, causing the landscape to turn green and the animals to become active, hunting and being hunted.

After departing from Olmalaika home, we continued our journey towards Sekenani Gate. Upon entering the reserve, we were greeted by a large herd of elephants led by a massive female with her young calf. We paused to observe the mother and baby’s interactions, as well as the protective behavior of the other elephants.

These gentle giants of the savannah move slowly, grazing on shrubs and using trees to scratch their backs. They can consume up to several kilograms of food and litres of water each day and enjoy wallowing in the mud to keep their skin healthy.

Before arriving at Mara Bush Camp, we encountered many other wild animals.

Upon our arrival, the staff welcomed us with refreshments and snacks, and after settling into our luxurious tents, we gathered at the bar for drinks.

We spent the evening making music together and composing a blues tune that we later named the Sleepy Leopard Blues.

During our safari, a star emerged in the form of, Justine’s husband. Although we had only briefly interacted on WhatsApp before departing, it became clear that he was a musical virtuoso who could improvise and rap on any topic.

Singing with him and listening to his hilarious lyrics was a highlight of the trip.

We spent the days in the Mara searching for lions and leopards. Our inspiration for the Lazy Leopard Blues came from our attempts to locate Bahati, a famous leopard with a cub who was hiding in a hole.

One remarkable and unexpected sighting was a monitor lizard, which I had never had the chance to photograph during my six seasons in the Maasai Mara. We spent over thirty minutes observing this fascinating creature as it ate small insects in the open savannah.

During one of our dinners, we surprised Evie, one of the two young children who joined us on the trip, with a birthday cake in the shape of a ukulele, which our talented chef Peter had crafted.

Every evening, a Maasai warrior escorted us, and each morning we found tea and coffee outside our veranda.

After three days of making music around the fireplace, witnessing incredible wildlife sightings, enjoying delicious food, and sharing endless laughter, we flew to the place where I live and work most of the time: Lions Bluff Lodge in the Lumo Conservancy.


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