The Ukulele Safari Game is a board game designed to enhance creativity and improvisation skills while learning music theory, scales, and ear training. Rather than determining a winner or loser, it emphasizes friends having a blast together.

Some time ago, I had the opportunity to print a prototype, which I later tested during the Strum in the Desert event in El Centro. After the event, while waiting to return to Bernadette’s house, we all gathered in our rented house and had a fantastic time.

Ukulele Safari Game

I was thrilled with the outcome. Not only did people have fun, but they also learned something new. Thanks also to Nolan who shared his knowledge.

Music goes beyond merely learning pre-written songs; it should be enjoyable and entertaining. Personally, I often struggle with music theory, scales, and anything involving complex or simple counting. The objective of this game is to assist everyone, particularly people with the same struggles, in learning something new with each playthrough and, most importantly, to break free from our inhibitions.

While it falls far from being a professional board game and likely contains numerous bugs, as Plazi (Bernadette Teaches Music) would say, perfection is boring. So, why not participate in the giveaway, get hold of the prototype, and enjoy it alone or with your friends?

To participate in the Ukulele Safari game giveaway, you need to

  1. follow  “ukulelesafari” on Instagram.
  2. Share the post on your Instagram stories
  3. Tag in the comments 1, 2 or 3 friends with whom you would share the safari explaining why them!
  4. And if you have time and would like to post a song that will bring a smile to my face will be an added bonus (I will add your name twice to the participant’s list). Don’t forget to tag #ukulelesafarigame

The winner (only 1)  will be randomly selected and announced on Instagram on 28th June 2023

This giveaway is international

Don’t miss the opportunity to win the only existent Ukulele Safari game and have fun with your friends or alone.

Good Luck!

The promotion isn’t sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Instagram or any other social media platforms. 


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